• Ivan Nikolov joins NN IP to support the Convertible Bond team, headed by Tarek Saber.....

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Ivan Nikolov

• The NN (L) Global Convertible Opportunities Fund has reached a three-year track record
• As of April 26 the NN (L) Global Convertible Opportunities fund has 60 million euro in asset under management

NN Investment Partners  announce that Ivan Nikolov has joined the Convertible Bonds team as a Senior Portfolio Manager. This appointment marks an additional step towards further strengthening the management capabilities of the existing team.

Nikolov joined the convertible bonds (CB) team at NN Investment Partners (NN IP) and is positioned in our London based office. He will be reinforcing the CB investment team and will report to Tarek Saber, Head of Convertible Bond strategies. Nikolov’s main focus will be to support the NN (L) Global Convertible Opportunities Fund . Prior to joining NN IP Nikolov was a CB investment manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, also in London. He previously worked at KNG Securities trading European and Asian CB’s and carried out credit research. Nikolov started his career at Pine River Capital Management where he helped managing European and Asian CB arbitrage. He has an MA (Hons) in Economics and Management from Oxford University and is a CFA charter holder.

Tarek Saber, Head of Convertible Bonds & Lead Portfolio Manager Convertible Bonds: “ We are ex-panding our team in convertible bond management to accommodate the growing interest in this sector. As of April 26, the NN (L) Global Convertible Opportunities Fund successfully celebrated its third year anniversary, delivering an annualized return of 11.46% during that period. Ivan’s arrival will help us to keep delivering on our robust investment performance.  Our team expanding team should enable us to capitalize on the opportunities this attractive asset class can offer as we continue to grow our convertible bond capabilities for our clients.”

NN IP’s conviction is that convertible bonds are a unique asset class in the context of scarce income. By design, a convertible bond combines the merits of a corporate bond, and as such preserves Investors’ capital, and enables investors to participate in equity upside: it pays interest and redeems the invested capital like a regular bond but also gives investors the right to exchange it for a fixed number of shares of the company’s stock as it rises.

Tarek Saber, Head of Convertible Bonds & Lead Portfolio Manager Convertible Bonds adds: “The strategy is managed globally with a focus on balanced convertibles to maximize convexity. The man-agement team selects convertibles combining the attributes of solid credit fundamentals, underlying equity upside and balanced convertible profile. With Nikolov’s arrival the team is even better positioned to keep pace both with the rapid growth in this attractive asset class and the development of new business, in addition to the company’s existing credit and equity capabilities.”



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