Enhanced offering includes government bond data from Central European countries and Israel .....

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Reflects growing demand for low latency pre-trade data across the European government bond market

MTS, one of Europe’s premier fixed income trading venues, has expanded coverage of its low-latency market data offering, MTS Live, to include government bond data from additional Central European countries and Israel. This expansion is part of an initiative designed to further enhance its pre- and post-trade market data offering in the European government bond market for fixed income market participants globally.

MTS Live customers can now access low-latency market data on securities from a total of 16 government issuers, enabling them to increase matching opportunities and mitigate latency risk.

MTS Live provides market participants with a comprehensive source of pre- and post-trade market data, sourced from MTS Cash, a comprehensive and professional interdealer trading environment for European government bonds. Data is provided from an un-aggregated order book with every visible price, order and trade for the most liquid bonds traded on MTS Cash. Users have access to over 30 million quotes and orders generated daily by the MTS trading community. Data is delivered via FIX-FAST protocol to minimise latency risk and can be combined with co-location in the same data centre as the MTS matching engine to provide continuous insight into price movements.

Simon Linwood, Head of Credit Markets and Data at MTS said: “The addition of data from domestic bond markets in Central Europe and Israel to MTS Live further strengthens our comprehensive data offering.

“As fixed income market participants continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated electronic trading systems, the need to access meaningful low-latency data sourced from highly liquid bond markets has become important. By broadening the scope of data available, MTS Live provides users with the tools they need to evolve their trading strategies.”



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