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Experienced bond manager Kathleen Gaffney manages fund now available to UK and European investors...

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Kathleen Gaffney, CFA, Co-Director, Diversified Fixed Income


Eaton Vance Management (International) Ltd. a subsidiary of Eaton Vance Management and the non-US arm of Eaton Vance Corp. announced the launch of the Eaton Vance (Ireland) Multi-Sector Income Fund for non-US  investors.

In today’s environment, a multi-sector credit fund may be an attractive way to access the potential for solid investment returns based on greater investment flexibility and an expanded global opportunity set. The Fund’s investment team utilises bottom-up security selection and a multi-sector approach to investing across the income markets and seeks to provide investors with returns through a combination of current income and capital appreciation.  The Fund invests across a wide range of global income securities, both fixed and floating rate, including corporate bonds, US and non-US government securities, mortgage related and other asset backed securities, as well as convertible securities.

Kathleen Gaffney, CFA, Co-Director, Diversified Fixed Income is Lead Portfolio Manager and is joined by Stephen Concannon, Michael Turgel and Henry Peabody.

The Fund is a regulated Irish domiciled UCITS fund which is authorised under UCITS to be sold across the European Union and overseas where the Fund is registered for sale.   

Commenting on the Fund’s introduction, Ms. Gaffney said, “The uncertainty surrounding the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate policy has undoubtedly created a more volatile fixed-income market, which is expected to result in increasing price gaps and the creation of value in the credit markets. The Fund looks to exploit these gaps by using a credit focused multi-sector approach to investing – which we believe is the best way to find opportunity in income markets today.”  

Niall Quinn, Managing Director, EVMI, added, “As the central banks across the world make key decisions this year, it is important that investors have access to strong performing income strategies that provide broad exposure to the global income markets. For four   decades, Eaton Vance has developed fixed-income strategies based on an unwavering commitment to providing a successful outcome for our clients, over the course of numerous economic and interest-rate cycles.”



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