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J.R. Rieger, Head of Fixed Income, for S&P Dow Jones Indices


S&P 500 Bond Index Calculated in Real-Time; Measures over $3 Trillion in Debt Outstanding

S&P Dow Jones Indices (“S&P DJI”), one of the world’s leading index providers, launched today the market’s first ever index that tracks the debt of the S&P 500 companies. S&P 500 Bond Index is priced in real-time throughout the day and directly corresponds to movement in the U.S. bond market. The Index offers previously unavailable intraday transparency to the pricing of debt on America’s most influential companies. 

S&P DJI has contracted with Thomson Reuters to provide end-of-day prices, as well as terms and conditions data.

The introduction of the S&P 500 Bond Index allows for side-by-side analysis of the performance differential between U.S. equity and bond markets, a direct comparison that was unavailable until this launch. Weighted by the market value of the bonds and with a maturity requirement of greater than one month, the S&P 500 Bond Index is liquid enough to also serve as the basis for potential exchange traded products and structured products.

“S&P Dow Jones Indices is introducing the S&P 500 Bond Index at a critical juncture as two major trends converge,” says J.R. Rieger, Head of Fixed Income, for S&P Dow Jones Indices. “First, global markets are grappling with the potential end of a six-year bond rally, the end of which could have significant ramifications for portfolio debt holdings.  Second, regulatory changes resulting from Dodd Frank, the post-Libor landscape, and Basel III for example, have many concerned about diminished liquidity in the bond markets. As a result, the market is begging for an intra-day measure that can provide broad transparency into company debt and that is liquid enough to potentially trade throughout the day via exchange traded and structured products.”

“We are delighted that S&P Dow Jones Indices will use our fixed income end-of-day pricing in conjunction with our comprehensive and high quality bond terms and conditions data for their new S&P 500 Bond Index,” says Marion Leslie, Managing Director, Pricing & Reference Services at Thomson Reuters. “Thomson Reuters is committed to partnering with the market’s leading service providers, ensuring market participants are able to benefit from our award winning content via multiple partners, platforms and applications.”

The S&P 500 Bond Index currently tracks the debt of 430 S&P 500 companies reflecting over $3 trillion in debt outstanding and $3.8 trillion in market value.



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