ETF linked to the European sovereign bond market; Reflects demand for fixed income indices that capture long maturities…

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FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets today announces that it has licensed a FTSE MTS index to Lyxor Asset Management («Lyxor») for the launch of a new ETF. The product will track the FTSE MTS Eurozone Government IG 25y+, part of the wider FTSE MTS Eurozone Government Indices, an index series capturing the European sovereign bond market. The ETF will be initially listed on Euronext and trade in Euros.

FTSE MTS indices are the first independent total‐return indices measuring the performance of the most liquid securities in the eurozone government bond market. The benchmark’s underlying data is real-time tradable prices from MTS, the leading electronic marketplace for cash bond trading across Europe, with over 500 unique counterparties and average daily turnover exceeding €100 billion.

FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets is the third largest global provider of fixed income ETF indices.

Mirela Vlad, Regional Director FTSE MTS Indices said: «We are pleased that Lyxor has once again chosen FTSE MTS to provide the benchmark for its latest fixed income ETF. Our indices reflect a market driven approach to capturing the asset class, moving away from single source pricing and instead using real, tradable prices. This focus on accurate market representation, alongside an ongoing emphasis on transparency and strong governance, offers a solid foundation for innovative ETFs.»

Arnaud Llinas, Head of Lyxor ETFs and Indexing said: «Lyxor is always looking for new investment opportunities to meet investor needs and is expanding its fixed income ETF range accordingly. We are pleased to further develop our
cooperation with a leading index provider, such as FTSE MTS, in order to bring efficiency and innovation to the ETF market.»



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